Solve your skincare mysteries with a Skincare Crime Scene virtual
consultation! We pack in a lot of investigation into finding the best products
and services for your skin type and conditions.

An Introductory Consultation Including:

  • A quick "get to know you" where we learn a little more about each other through a brief introduction
  • Discussion of your skincare concerns and goals
  • Review your clientele form, plus any additional details or necessary information
  • A guided skin analysis
  • A verbal summary of next steps and what to expect going forward
  • Homecare routine suggestions
  • Question and answer session to bring up any concerns
  • A comprehensive after visit summary that will be e-mailed to you post-consultation that includes the following:
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Summary of what was discussed in the consultation

The results of your guided skin analysis (including skin type and conditions)

Outline of your skincare goal(s), as well as possible obstacles working towards them and how we can overcome them

Customized homecare routine program recommendations

List of possible dietary contributors to any skin concerns (if applicable) and general nutrition advice

Any recommendations for additional professionals to consult with in conjunction to your treatment at Skincare Crime Scene; (for example: dermatologist, hormone specialist, registered dietician, etc.).

How to Get Started

Skincare Crime Scene has made it
simple to set up and schedule a virtual consultation.

  • Contact Skincare Crime Scene via email at or via a call or text to 916-741-2192
  • Join the Practice Better platform and complete the guided client welcome module
  • Schedule your introductory consultation

We look forward to helping you discover the best skincare treatments and regimens for your skin!

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Skincare Crime Scene works with you to investigate and find the best products for your skin type and conditions.

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